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Brass Factor is open to any brass band from any section and we don’t ask for player registrations on the day too! 

We have tailored our events to ensure every band, from Championship Section through to Youth bands, have the opportunity to compete to become Brass Factor champions. Below we’ve included a copy of the rules and regulations that all bands need to comply with should you wish to enter. 

If your brass band fancies the challenge to become Brass Factor champions simply visit our contact page and get in touch. One of our dedicated team members will respond to discuss the best event for you to be involved in.



Brass Factor is a unique show which is fair to all the bands taking part. There will always be some bands who go for the prestige of winning as well, but what Brass Factor has done over the years has brought bands of different levels together in the one place to compete against each other on a stage where entertainment is as important as playing the music. If you add into the mix the fact that each and every audience member has their vote on who wins too, it’s a judging system like no other.  It has brought some bands back to contesting who had previously shown little desire to compete and has definitely aided our youth bands development too.  The main factor here though is that it’s all about entertaining whilst having fun and in this day and age that is an absolute godsend!  David Hoyle Presenter, Yorkshire Brass BBC Radio Leeds, York and Sheffield    ​​​​​​​

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